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Grinder Original Grinder Original
Grinder Original is an elegant and silent grinder for grinding coffee beans directly into filter holder. It has a clear display at the front where you easily can adjust the amount of coffee to the number of cups you are brewing. You can also easily adjust the settings for the grind.
The design of the grinder is in line with our Original Line brewers with high polished stainless steel. This makes this grinder suitable for all existing as well as new environments.
Grinder Original Fits all our Original and Serving Concept coffee brewers, as well as most 1.8 litre brewers on the market.

Store Grinder Drogheria Store Grinder Drogheria
Drogheria is coffee grinder engineered for the sale of loose coffee. Thanks to the handy pipe union with enclosed bag support, the operator can quickly supply the customer with the required quantity and of ground coffee.
The pratical graduated knob allows to change in an easy and safe way the desired grinding, without time and coffee waste. Its compactness, its distinctive design and simple features make Drogheria the ideal grinder for coffee shops and other places where the grinding has to be performed instantly and at the customer’s presence.

Coffee grinder cleaner Coffee grinder cleaner
Cleaning agent for grinders. One jar lasts for 12 cleanings.
Recommended to use twice per month.

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