About us

Crem International is a global company of recognized prestige in the production of professional coffee machines, adding more than 100 years of combined experience in the market and sales in more than 90 countries.

Crem International develops, manufactures and markets coffee machines under three strong brands – Coffee Queen, Expobar and Spengler – for offices, coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, catering and convenience.

A wide product range

As a result of the merge of Expobar (Spain) and Coffe Queen (Sweden), plus the recent incorporation of Spengler (Germany), we are the sector manufacturer with the most extensive product range, leading the market in the design and manufacture of any type of coffee solution at professional level.

Pure passion is the foundation of great coffee

In Crem International we share a unique heart built on a comprehensive knowledge about the coffee market. What really sets us apart is the true, pure passion we have for what we do, a genuine desire to go further. Passion transferred into a structured business approach but keeping our original and flexible entrepreneurial soul.

From our production facilities and sales offices located in Sweden, China, Spain, England and Germany, our skilled and multicultural teams are perfectly aligned to innovate and to perform into a high standard basis.